Leaders at small and
medium sized companies are usually highly engaged and strongly dedicated, often to the point that everything feels important and prioritizing becomes almost impossible. This is usually the case until you deeply understand the uniqueness of your work and your uniqueness as a leader. When that gets clear, you can easily distinguish between what´s most important now and what´s most important later.


"Combining business and personal coaching – I had the great opportunity to work with Coachingpartner. Leading me through the process of understanding and reflecting, asking the right questions and gently pointing out directions I experienced a great way of growing out of old structures that I won´t miss.
In a very short, most inspiring period of time I accomplished running my business in a more organized, reflected way – personally, i was able to discover the best version of myself i want to be. And i am making more big steps in this direction. I love it and i don´t want to miss out on it!"

Annemone Taake


”Saying no now does not
mean saying no forever”

Start with uniqueness

We believe that whatever you are working with, whatever you want to achieve, first start with your uniqueness.
The more you understand your unique leadership style, the more you can use your full potential and achieve more of what´s most important in your work!

Challenges for leaders
at small and medium
sized companies

• Everything feels important and prioritising is really hard

• An excessive workload means it´s difficult to find time and space to get an overview

• It´s very hard to delegate and give away responsibilities

• Lack of clarity of when and how to say no

• Hard to balance personal needs with expectations to the leadership role

• Difficult to engage people and create shared ownership to our goals and our vision


your leadership style

A leader's potential lies at the heart of his/her uniqueness

Important questions for a leader to reflect on:
What is leadership to me?
Who am I as a leader?
What is my leadership uniqueness?
The more you understand your leadership uniqueness, the more you can use your full potential as a leader.


Benefits from doing a leadership
development process:

• Understanding your leadership uniqueness

• Understanding the uniqueness of your work

• Clarified intentions - short-term and long-term

• Tools and techniques to manage your personal and professional development

• Clarity of where and how to set boundaries

Leadership development processes

Leadership strategy session
1.5 hour

• Exploring your long term direction as a leader

• Mapping out your key leadership strengths and areas for continued growth

• How to strengthen key areas further

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Leadership coaching process
8 coaching sessions + leadership mappings and tools

• Understand your leadership uniqueness

• Clarify your intentions short-term and long-term

• Taking steps to have a bigger impact

• Re-thinking leadership and becoming a leader of the future

Leadership coaching process
5 coaching sessions + leadership mappings and tools

• Understand your leadership uniqueness

• Clarify your intentions short-term and long-term

• Taking steps to have a bigger impact

Leadership seminar

Explore your unique
leadership style
2 hours

• Understanding when you are at your best

• Understand how to turn your limitations into your ultimate strengths

• Set intentions for the near future

Who we work with

• Entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and ambitious leaders who are eager to understand their uniqueness and make the biggest possible impact through their work

• Leaders who are open-minded, curious, eager to challenge themselves and ready to think outside the box

• Leaders who are committed to creating change for a bigger purpose - for themselves, their colleagues and/or for society

• Leaders who are ready to re-think leadership and leadership of the future

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What team leaders are saying

“No matter how successful you are and no matter how many things you are doing in your life, there is always something you can improve. Coaching makes you aware of the most important things and on how you can work to achieve them.”


Anders Lima Bjølgerud

Entrepreneur and marketing
manager, Gunnar Optics


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Leadership inspiration

"Success is something you attract by the person you become".

- Jim Rohn


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