Who we work with

We help people
raise awareness of their identity to use more of their potential.


Organisational development

• We work with companies who are eager to learn more about their identity to help them use their full potential.

• Our key focus is small and medium sized businesses who want to grow from good to great. These are often recognised by aiming to help people in new ways, whether through creating innovative new products or services, or through new ways of gathering or sharing knowledge.

• Our passion and experience range across startups and small companies to medium sized and bigger companies within knowledge and education, healthcare, non-profit, technology or creativity.

Personal development

• People who want to learn more about their identity to use their full potential.

• People going through transitional phases in life and career.

• Younger people who need input to important career or life decisions.

• Sensitive people who aim to manage their emotions better.


Outcome of a coaching process:


• Stronger awareness of core identity

• Clarified intentions, personally and professionally

• Awareness of personal and professional potential

• New perspectives to work and life

• New solutions to current challenges and problems

• Awareness of how to prioritize and set boundaries

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