Understand your uniqueness!

We help people and organisations deeply understand their uniqueness to achieve more of what´s most important to them

Starting with uniqueness

No matter what you are working with, no matter the challenge you are facing and what you want to achieve - start with your uniqueness!

Our work is to remind you of and help you learn something new about your uniqueness. We do this through our courses, seminars and workshops - and coaching leaders, entrepreneurs and teams as well as young adults going through career change.

Reflections, feedback and
creative exercises

Combining creative tools with mapping exercises and coaching, we help you gain a deep understanding of your uniqueness. Thereafter we help you pinpoint your vision, goals, mission and milestones and support you in implementing your plans one step at a time.

How we work


• Actively involving everyone who is part of the organisational change

Organisations and individuals:

• Focusing on reflection as a means to creating awareness and new perspectives

• Facilitating trust, confidentiality and open conversations

• Using creative tools to help you get new perspective on your uniqueness

• Helping you clarify your intentions and supporting you to implement changes one step at a time

Outcome of working with us:

• Clarity on your current situation

• Awareness and understanding of your uniqueness

• Clarity of your purpose and vision

• Clarity of milestones and priorities

• Taking steps to manifest your desires

• Making it happen!

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Our team

We are a team of professional coaches who work closely together to constantly enhance our learning and provide quality career, leadership and team development courses and workshops as well as coaching for individuals and organisations.

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Vegard Olsen
Catherine Jeyaratnam
Robbie Swale

Our core beliefs:

• We believe the path to a happier, healthier world - for you and for others - begins with understanding your uniqueness

• We believe everyone is unique

• Whatever you are dealing with, always start with you

• We believe starting with you leads to fulfilment, meaning and happiness

• We believe in the importance of creating meaningful connections between people

• We believe in inspiring people and being inspired by people

• We believe that true lasting change happens by working with consistency and commitment over time

"Each of us is a unique strand in the intricate web of life and here to make a contribution"

– Deepak Chopra


Creating a happier, healthier world by helping people and companies understand and align to their true uniqueness


Our mission is to build a Life Design House - a new kind of collaborative workspace where professionals in the personal development and wellbeing industry come together to help each other, learn, grow and create together. Together these professionals offer a welcoming and supportive environment to help individuals and organisations develop, grow and reach their full potential.