Finding true identity!

We help organizations and individuals raise awareness of their true identity to use more of their potential.

The more you understand your identity, the clearer you see what you want to achieve, who you want to partner with and where you want to set boundaries.


Liberating perspectives

Gaining awareness of what you identify with and the way you identify yourself is liberating. It's like getting a bird's eye perspective on your life. From there you can choose what you want to identify with.

With a good overview, prioritising gets easier which allows you to make better choices for yourself and people you care about.


Reflections, feedback and
creative exercises

Combining creative tools with mapping exercises and coaching, we help you gain new understanding of your identity. From there we help you clarify direction, priorities, boundaries and new actions. Step by step we support you through the development process!

How we work


• Actively involving everyone who is part of an organisational change.

Organizations and individuals:

• Focusing on reflection as a mean to creating awareness and new perspectives.

• Facilitating trust, confidentiality and open conversations.

• Using creative tools to help you get new perspective on what's important to you.

• Supporting you in implementing changes one step at a time.


Outcome of a coaching process:


• Stronger awareness of core identity

• Clarified intentions, personally and professionally

• Awareness of personal and professional potential

• New perspectives to work and life

• New solutions to current challenges and problems

• Awareness of how to prioritize and set boundaries

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Our team

We are a team of professional coaches who believe in close cooperation in an industry where most coaches work on their own. Cooperating closely enables us to always keep learning from each other and keep developing as coaches.

We are all qualified coaches from acknowledged coaching academies. As coaches we are bound to working to the Code of Ethics laid out by the International Coach Federation.

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Vegard Olsen
Christine Wittusen
Angel Buster
Phil Bolton
Britt Bjørgård
Silje Kristine Haugen
Heidi Sellevold
Mike Toller

Our core values and beliefs:


• We believe personal and professional development go hand in hand

• We believe people are whole, resourceful and have the ability to find their own best answers and solutions

• We believe in the value of reflection. Reflecting on what is important right now gives awareness, which in turn gives overview and freedom to choose

• We believe developing a language for feelings is empowering, whether it´s in a professional of personal context

• We believe raising awareness of identity gives clarity about objectives, relations, priorities and boundaries


"I am able to control only that which I am aware of. That which I am unaware of controls me. Awareness empowers me. No two human minds or bodies are the same. How can I tell you how to use yours? Only you can discover how, with awareness."

– Sir John Whitmore.



We help people raise awareness of their identity and use more of their potential


Our mission is to build a coaching house where professional coaches collaborate closely for continuous learning and provide a safe space for reflection, awareness and new insights for clients.