Vegard Olsen

Vegard Olsen

What clients have said about me:

My clients describe me as calm, authentic, caring, warm, honest, supportive, engaged, passionate and sensitive.
(*coaching survey 2017)

Clients say I help them learn more about themselves, understand their feelings better, get more energy, gain clarity regarding important life decisions, get more self confidence, become a better leader and gain clarity on which career path to take.
(*coaching survey 2017)

”I found coaching with Vegard incredibly useful. It helped me to gain an understanding of my own core values, aspirations, beliefs and discover new ways to align these with my reality.”

“Professionally I accomplished running my business in a more organized, reflected way and personally I was able to discover the best version of myself”.

”Vegard has led me through this process by asking the right questions and making me explore the different topics in a comfortable way. He is not only a deeply motivated coach who wants you to achieve your goals, but also a very warm and sympathetic person who makes it easy to be open in the process”.

'The coaching with Vegard enabled me to think about the kind of leader I want to be, how I can to inspire others and what my long term vision and mission is and how to create a roadmap to get there”

What makes you passionate about your work?

Seeing how people blossom when they remind themselves of their uniqueness and learn something new about their strengths. Also I am fascinated to see how teams naturally align and work so much better when they work towards a shared vision and goals - and have a clear understanding of how to reach their ambition.

What inspires you most in your work?

Bringing people together and seeing the magic happens when people come together, work together, share, challenge and support each other.

My Story

I´ve always questioned things. Things that most people take for granted.

I´ve always been curious about what else could be true.

About others and the world. And about me.

About who I really am.

In my late teenage and early twenties I defined myself a lot through my grades, my successfulness in school and the money I earned. And this made me feel lost because something in me knew that this wasn’t right. That this wasn’t me.

Not that there was anything wrong with grades, successfulness in school and money. But I didn’t know who I was beyond those things.

Thinking about it was scary. It made me feel empty. Like there was nothing beyond those things. And just meaninglessness.

I studied for several years at a business school and university and by the time I got to my mid 20´s I got into big a depression that was triggered by big life events. I wanted to study abroad and now felt like this was my final chance. Also I had been in a relationship for many years and now it was time for me to decide what I really wanted to do next.

But I couldn´t get to that.

Instead I got lost. Depressed. Anxious. To the point where everything felt dark and I had no choice but to reach out for professional help.

I looked up "Psychologists" in the yellow pages and I let my finger make the decision.

Little did I know that this was the start of working with the biggest passion and the deepest love of my career a few years later.

As I went to therapy for 2.5 years I learned a lot about myself. The psychologist gave me a lot of space to reflect and asked questions no one had ever asked me before.

It was wonderful and truly helpful. And step by step I got new perspectives to life and learned so much about myself.

The more clarity I gained, the more I felt empowered to take big decisions for myself. I soon decided to study abroad. And a year later the relationship with my ex-girlfriend came to an end.

From having felt like I was 80 years + for a long time in my mid 20´s, I suddenly felt free, re-energized and me! I was still learning a lot about myself and at times going through the changes was really hard, but gradually I was making more and more decisions from what was true to me.

It was amazing to learn and realize so many things about myself that I wasn´t aware of. The questions the psychologist asked me were really empowering and when I tested them out on friends and family, I realized it really helped them a lot too!

At this point I was hooked. I had learned a new way of listening, asking questions and connecting with others that I was deeply fascinated by.

Then I discovered coaching. One evening whilst playing a computer game an ad popped up on the web browser. Not that I usually notice or read them, but this time I did.

What I read really hit me. And I instantly stopped playing and started googeling "coaching" , "coaching courses" and "working as a coach".

I was really ill that night with a high fever, but I kept searching as I knew I was about to find something really important. And late that night I found a course that sounded amazing. It was everything I believed in and more. Finally someone who shared my values, beliefs and approach to life, I thought. I called that coaching school in Oslo the day after and signed up immediately. Despite having a high fever I was full of excitement, full of joy and already feeling fulfilled.

I couldn’t wait to share it with my friends.

A few months later I started that coaching training and it really lived up to my high expectations. It was absolutely amazing from day 1 and I loved every minute of it.

I started practicing principles of coaching in my day job and I was amazed by how much it improved the communication and relationships with my colleagues - and also how it really helped me delegate, lead and hold myself and others accountable.
I started taking on practice clients in my spare time and really enjoyed the broad application of my new skills.

Then in 2011 came the time for me to make a big decision. Should I keep hold of what others regarded as a great job or should I try something completely new? Something adventurous. Something just for me, that I felt truly passionate about but had no idea what it was going to be like.

I contemplated the idea for a while.

At this time I was quite scared of flying and on a business trip with my previous work I was coming back to Oslo on a windy autumn evening. It was a very bumpy way towards the landing and as my anxiety was building up I thought to myself “I'm not going to die working with something I don’t really love”. That thought was probably the start of making my decision.

After further reflection, the decision became obvious.

I was 31, single, had saved up a bit of money and realised now was a great time to do this! Now I could really do something amazing just for me. Something I was deeply passionate about. Something that could help both myself and other people a lot.

That´s where I started out on my coaching journey.

I was excited and deeply passionate about meeting people from very different backgrounds who wanted to learn something new about themselves and empower themselves to live the life they really wanted. And it was amazing to work with companies who wanted to improve their work culture and increase the motivation of their employees to achieve much more.

I loved my new work, but at the same time I realized something important was missing...

I soon realised that working on own as a lone coach was not for me. I had always been inspired by and had lots of fun working with colleagues - and colleagues was something I really missed!

That´s when I decided to start Coachingpartner. A place of equally passionate professionals with a shared vision to help people and companies grow - and with a desire to inspire, learn and open up new opportunities for each other.

Working together with a team of passionate coaches was wonderful, but getting enough work for all of us was really hard.

Our offerings were too general and people didn´t really understand what we were offering and to who. We realized we needed to get to the core of who we were and pinpoint our vision, goals and plans before we could reach out to the market more effectively.

Finding the time and commitment from everyone to do this was a big challenge, but in august 2016 we finally started our team vision process and 8 workshops later we managed to get to where we are today.

We now have a strong team of coaches in London with support coaches in Oslo, and we are passionate about helping small businesses, ambitious leaders & entrepreneurs and young adults early in their career understand their uniqueness - and use their full potential in their work and life.


Looking back

When I went into coaching I had no clear plan or strategy. I just wanted to work with as many people as possible and learn as much as I could.

Now several years later I see a very clear pattern across everything I have studied and worked with over the past 17 years.

Uniqueness is the word that sums up the pattern.

First my work was understanding company uniqueness. I studied marketing and branding for several years and later worked as a project manager on a big international re-branding project.

Then my focus was the uniqueness of teams and individuals. The more I worked as a coach, the more I saw that what made the biggest impact was reminding people of their uniqueness and helping them deeply understand their strengths, values and desires. From this understanding the biggest of challenges were resolved and the most ambitious of goals were reached.

Exploring and understanding uniqueness is fun, creative and truly engaging work. It does take courage and patience - from the client as well as the coach - but the reward is harmony, joy, fulfillment and a real burst of energy and inspiration!

I invite you to test it out with me or one of my colleagues and I also invite you to join us on our mission to create a happier, healthier world - starting by understanding your uniqueness.

Other things I’ve done

• Key account manager, TNS Kantar, Oslo, Brand and marketing research

• Communications advisor, Statoil ASA, Oslo, Project manager on their international re-branding project

• Trainer and partner, Norwegian Coach Academy, Oslo

• Trainer, The Coaching School, London

Facts about me

Fact # 1

I once was a lead singer at a big event with a cover band in Marbella, Spain.

Fact # 2

I met a student choir when I was out in Oslo one night and ended up singing with them for 3+ years.

Likes / Dislikes


I love football - playing it, watching it and discussing it

I love singing, preferably with a band or a choir


I dislike strong degrees of ignorance and not caring for others at all

I dislike when people don´t care about themselves