Every team has unique resources with many opportunities to create 2+2 = 8.

However, most teams are usually far from using their full potential.

Lack of information sharing, limited openness and little involvement are usually what hinders the team to work at it´s very best.


“…their focus is on strengthening connections between team members, helping understand differences and synergies in teams as well as facilitating scenarios and future directions to improve focus and performance. I strongly recommend Coachingpartner to any company that want to work on team development and performance!”

Stein Aarland

CEO TNS Gallup
part of TNS Global

we see with teams at
small and medium sized

• We are a team, but in practice everyone is working on their own

• Limited information sharing in the team

• Vision and objectives are unclear

• Heavy workload. Difficult to find time to coordinate

• Team boundaries are unclear, we say yes to most things

• Not using the team´s unique resources

Gaining clarity

The team's real potential lies at the heart of understanding its uniqueness

When a team is not aligned its energy is scattered in different directions, which as a result reduces the focus towards a particular goal and impacts the outcome of a project or task.

Getting clarity on the team´s uniqueness means getting completely new perspectives and organising the team to be much more effective AND have much more fun.

The better we understand our team, the clearer the direction, priorities and boundaries become.

BENEFITS from the team
development process:

• Clarity of vision, direction and goals

• Clarity of values, strengths and team uniqueness

• Shared ownership to what you want to achieve

• Clear roles and responsibilties

• Clarity of boundaries and when to say no

• More energy, increased effectivity and
more fun

Engaging all team members

Combining team workshops and 1:1 coaching ensures involvement from all team members throughout the process

We facilitate open and trusting conversations where all team members actively participate. Combining the use of creative tools and techniques we help the team understand their uniqueness and how to use their full potential!

Team development workshops

Team strategy session
3 hour workshop

• Shared understanding of where the team is currently at

• Exploring team´s goals and ambitions

• Milestones and barriers to get there

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Team vision process
4 workshops

• Clarity on values, strengths and team uniqueness

• Shared ownership of team vision and goals

• Shared understanding of how to get there

• Clarity on who does what and why

• Clear boundaries

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Other adhoc workshops and courses

Communicate better in the team
3 hour team workshop

• Understanding the uniqueness of each team member and using these insights to communicate better as a team

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Build stronger teams
2 hour team leadership course

• In this seminar we teach team leaders tools and techniques to help them engage their team and build a stronger, more energised and effective team

• This is a 2 hour seminar for team leaders specifically

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Understand your strenghts
3 hour team workshop

• In this engaging workshop we let all team members deeply explore their strengths through creative and fun exercises

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Who we work with

• We work with organisations who are eager to learn more about their uniqueness and grow to reach their full potential

• We tend to work with organisations who are described as open and ambitious, purpose driven, visionary, caring, challenging the norm and re-thinkers

• Our key focus is small and medium sized businesses who want to grow from good to great. They often aim to help people in new ways, whether through creating innovative new products or services, or through new ways of gathering or sharing knowledge

• Our passion and experience range from startups, small companies and social entrepreneurs to medium sized companies within industries such as knowledge and education, healthcare, non-profit, technology and creative

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we can help your team!

What team leaders are saying

“IUM is continuously working on competence development and chose to work with Coachingpartner in 2012. As part of “IUM school” Coachingpartner created a tailor made programme for our advisors where the theme was motivation and self confidence. The day was a big success. The informal, yet professional approach to the team created an open atmosphere . All participants have taken advantage of techniques and learnings created on the day and are using these in their daily work. We look forward to working with Coachingpartner on further competence development in the future.”

Rachel Øverås

Ex IUM now advisor
at “Supertanker”

Meet our team of professional coaches

Vegard Olsen
Catherine Jeyaratnam
Robbie Swale

Team inspiration

"You don't build a business - you build people - and then people build the business”.

- Zig Ziglar

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