Silje Kristine Haugen

Silje Kristine Haugen

Silje was first educated at the Norwegian Army and Officer Training School and has worked as a coach since 2008. Through her work as a coach, and through experiences from her life, she has realized that many of our challenges appear because we think we should be something different than who we are, or that we are missing something that hinders us from succeeding.  As a coach she supports you to see the resources you already have rather than focusing on what you think you are missing.

Silje is passionate about interactions between people.  Very often we want to be independent and do it all by ourselves, but it is in the interaction between people that the magic appears.  It is in interactions with others that the biggest breakthroughs and changes happen.  By being with others, we get inspired, touched, challenged or confronted, and even if it is possible to do big things alone, extraordinary results are best created in cooperation with others.

As a coach, Silje is patient and present.  She combines coaching competence and personal experiences with humour and empathy to create the safety that is needed when exploring dreams, longings, talents and strengths so that you can get ready to step out of your comfort zone and into your new, ideal life.


• Royal Air Force – Officer Cadet School

• The Military Academy

• Certified Lifecoach from Mindjuice, Copenhagen

• Certified Passioncoach from Pernille Melsted

• Certified Master/Teamcoach from Mindjuice Copenhagen

• Mastertrainer Mindjuice mastercoach programme