Robbie Swale

Robbie Swale

What clients have said about me:

"Working with Robbie over the last three months has had a transformational impact on my career direction and ambition."

"The coaching has helped me to get clarity in my thinking and also given me a huge amount of confidence. I now come at challenges from the perspective of possibility rather than impossibility and I am seeing each step, moment, failure, success and achievement as opportunities to learn and grow."

"Robbie challenged me to think about things in a new light and to come up with my own, practical, solutions. I have come out of the sessions with a renewed confidence, as well as greater clarity about what I want to achieve over the next ten years, and how, which is fantastic."

"I would highly recommend Robbie to anyone who is facing what feels like an insurmountable hurdle, whether it's personal or professional - at the end of your time with him, I'm confident that you will end your sessions knowing exactly what you're going to do to address it."

What makes you passionate about your work?

That I am being well-used by the universe when I do it. I haven’t found a way yet to use what I have to offer in a more effective way, to have a bigger positive impact on the world. That, and my love of people, make me absolutely passionate about the work I do.

What inspires you most in your work?

Seeing people’s courage. As a coach, you often hear people say things they have never said before, or hear as they face their fears, or watch as they take steps that terrify them. There is no bravery without fear, and sometimes even the step of contacting a coach is an act of immense courage for someone.

My Story

I spent most of my 20s trying to find and do work that I love. This involved everything from applying to acting schools, to working in the civil service, to running arts venues, to trying my hand at HR and Leadership Development. In the end, I found coaching, which gives me a way to use so many of the strengths I have and the things I enjoy – from connecting deeply with people, to having great conversations, to being entrepreneurial – and which allows me to make a difference to the world in a way that is meaningful to me. That is about helping people live the lives they want to live, and in the bigger picture, it is about making the world a happier, healthier place.

Now I work as a coach, as part of my own business and for organisations including Coachingpartner and The Coaching School. I also write: I have worked hard to battle Resistance and share my writing, and more of myself with the world, and now publish writing on a regular basis.

Outside of work, I live with my lovely girlfriend in South West London, and spend a lot of my time watching great television, reading fantasy novels (and running a website about one of my favourite fantasy novelists) and following the Premier League. And talking about all of those, mostly the latter, on Whatsapp.

I trained with The Coaching School in London, where I developed my skills and mastered a wide array of tools and resources that I still use with a diverse set of clients. Whether it is within my own practice or with CoachingPartner, my passion is working on identity with young people, teams, entrepreneurs or anyone wanting to set the core foundation for their professional or personal lives. I thrive on helping them unlock their own stories and empowering them to pen their next chapters.

Other things I’ve done

• I've been a director, a trustee, a manager, an administrator and a leader.

• I've run organisations, festivals and events.

• I've worked in the private sector, the public sector and the charity sector.

• I’ve worked for organisations as diverse as the Royal Opera House, The Food Standards Agency, Otley Courthouse and the UK’s largest chain of garden centres.

• I've recruited or selected over 200 staff, volunteers, interns and work placements.

• I've selected over 100 people as part of my work for an internationally renowned leadership development programme.

Facts about me

Fact # 1

My mum and dad invented my surname because they didn’t want to give me either of theirs. I am the first Swale in my family (but not the last)!

Fact # 2

I once won five Champions Leagues and 14 successive Premier League titles with Morecambe FC on Championship Manager.

Likes / Dislikes


Learning new things about how the world works, and seeing our understanding of the world grow.

The music of Frank Turner.


People being patronising. Gah.

And at the moment, my friends (and other people) on the political left slagging off everyone right wing and calling them evil. They are people doing their best; they just have different views about how to make things better. And all the polarisation and nastiness doesn’t help anyone.