Understanding identity lies at the heart of personal development. The more you understand your true values, motivations and passions - the more you are liberated to do what you truly want in your life. For some it could be achieving an important personal goal while for others it could be developing an inner strength to cope better with life.


“I truly recommend coaching for everyone who is interested in gaining personal insight either for reaching specific goals or “just” for living a more balanced life. My experience is that Coachingpartner can help you see and understand what you could change and develop in order for you to be the person – and live the life – that you really want”.

Ina Jakobsen


Typical challenges people face in career and life


• I know what my dreams are, but I'm lacking a good plan to start pursuing them

• I need to raise my self-esteem in order to achieve what´s important in my life.

• My beliefs shift a lot and I struggle to understand what I really believe in.

• My boundaries are vague. I lack of clarity of when and how to say no.



Everything starts with

When facing a problem, it is usually best to first take the time to explore what´s really important in a bigger perspective. As your self understanding increases it is easier to find good solutions to the challenges that you are facing in your life.

”You have the answers in you. With deeper self-understanding you will find them!”



Getting the bird´s perspective!

”Exploring identity is like getting a bird´s eye perspective to what is happening in life. You get a good overview and can see clearly what you need to focus on first.”

Vegard Olsen, Coachingpartner


Benefits from the personal
development process:


• New perspectives to what´s important in life

• New solutions to challenges and problems

• Increased self-understanding

• Clarity on direction and purpose

• Clear boundaries


What we offer

Career life design session (2 hours)

• Mapping out criteria for upcoming career changes

• Drawing out your key strengths, abilities and competencies

• Sketching out a roadmap for you career

Price: £ 150

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Personal development process
10 coaching sessions

• Getting perspective to what's going on in your life and what's most important

• Exploring your true identity and what this means for you in your life

• Working on important topics step by step

From £ 1290

Personal development process
5 coaching sessions

• Getting perspective to what´s going on in your life and what´s most important

• Exploring your true identity and what this means for you in your life

• Working on important topics step by step

From £ 690


Inspiration and courses

FREE WEB COURSE: Explore your
full potential
1 hour

• The more you explore your identity, the more you understand your full potential

• Throughout the course you will get reminders of what you are really passionate about and what you want to do more in the future

• The first seminar is free

Full course from £ 120


Who we work with

• People who want to learn more about their identity to use their full potential.

• People going through transitional phases in life and career

• Younger adults who need input to make important career or life decisions.

• Sensitive people who wish to manage their emotions better.


What our clients are saying

“No matter how successful you are and no matter how many things you are doing in your life, there is always something you can improve. Coaching makes you aware of the most important things and on how you can work to achieve them.”


Anders Lima Bjølgerud

Entrepreneur and marketing
manager, Gunnar Optiks


Meet our team of professional coaches

Vegard Olsen
Catherine Jeyaratnam
Robbie Swale

Personal inspiration

"The privilege of a lifetime is to become
who you truly are"

- Carl Jung


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