Understanding your uniqueness lies at the heart of personal development. The more you understand your true values, motivations and passions - the more you are liberated to do what you truly want in life. For some it means achieving an important personal goal while for others it means developing an inner strength to cope better with life.


“I truly recommend coaching for everyone who is interested in gaining personal insight either for reaching specific goals or “just” for living a more balanced life. My experience is that Coachingpartner can help you see and understand what you could change and develop in order for you to be the person – and live the life – that you really want”.

Ina Jakobsen

Typical challenges people face in career and life

• I have worked a few years but realise this is not me and I need to find a new profession or do something different

• I feel stuck, I don´t know what I want next or how I can make change happen

• My beliefs shift a lot and I struggle to understand what I really want

• I need to raise my self-esteem in order to achieve what´s important in my life

• I know what my dreams are, but I'm lacking the courage and a good plan to start pursuing them

• My boundaries are vague, I lack clarity of how and when to say no


Everything starts with

Whatever you are dealing with, whatever you want, always start with you!

When you are facing a problem or you are feeling stuck, the best thing you can do is press pause and think about what´s really important for you in the bigger picture.

Also it´s great to remind yourself of your values, your strengths and your uniqueness. As your self understanding increases it is easier to find good solutions to whatever challenges you are facing in your work and life.

”Starting with your uniqueness leads to fulfillment, meaningfulness and happiness”


Picture: Joshua Earle, unsplash.com

Set yourself free!

”True lasting change happens by working with consistency and commitment over time!”

There is a big trend in the world of going to a retreats here and there and attending workshops and seminars left, right and centre while expecting meaningful changes to happen.

What we see in our work is that real change happens over time. Learning accumulates and when you commit yourself to working on yourself over time, you will understand a lot more about your uniqueness, your purpose and how to make the changes that are important to you.

Commitment to change over time is ultimately what sets you free!

Benefits of doing a personal development process:

• Understanding your uniqueness

• Lifted confidence

• Clarity on what you want next and why

• Tools and techniques to help manage your continued personal and professional development

• Clear boundaries, knowing when and how to say no

What we offer

Career strategy session
1.5 hour

• Doing a career MOT

• Understanding patterns in your career

• Exploring your uniqueness

• Mapping out criteria for career change

Career coaching process
8 coaching sessions

• Understanding your uniqueness

• Clarifying your intentions in work and life

• Pinpointing criteria for career change

• Learning tools and techniques to help you manage your thoughts and feelings

• Learning how to attract what you want in work and life

Career coaching process
5 coaching sessions

• Understanding your uniqueness

• Clarifying your intentions in work and life

• Pinpointing criteria for career change

• Learning tools and techniques to help you manage your thoughts and feelings

Start with a free career coaching session

Free web course

Understand you uniqueness
1 hour

• Tap into your uniqueness

• Explore your purpose

• Remind yourself of your passion

• Start changing your focus to achieve what you want

This seminar is free
- please book via calendar

Who we work with

• We tend to work with people who are in the early stages of their career, who have worked from 3-8 years and have realised they need to learn more about themselves and change their career to something that is greater fit with their uniqueness

• People who are stuck in their career or studies and need help to remind themselves about their uniqueness, lift their confidence and sharpen their focus

• People who are going through transitional phases in work and life

What our clients are saying

“No matter how successful you are and no matter how many things you are doing in your life, there is always something you can improve. Coaching makes you aware of the most important things and on how you can work to achieve them.”


Anders Lima Bjølgerud

Entrepreneur and marketing
manager, Gunnar Optiks

Meet our team of professional coaches

Vegard Olsen
Catherine Jeyaratnam
Robbie Swale

Personal inspiration

"The things that you are passionate about are not random. They are your calling"

- Fabienne Fredrickson


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