Marie de Champchesnel

Marie de Champchesnel

What clients have said about me:

« Marie has been very attentive throughout the sessions.She listened carefully to what I would say and gently probed deeper to help unlock my inner thoughts. »

« After each session I felt energised, motivated and positive. »

« There’s still a lot of ground to cover in future sessions, but first there’s so much for me to put into practice. I wish I could have found Marie earlier in my career. »

What makes you passionate about your work?

What makes me passionate about my work is to see that moment of realisation. When the person in front of me realises that he/she has so much potential and so many possibilities that one can start to explore.

What inspires you most in your work?

What inspires me most in my work is people’s stories and journey.

My Story

As far as I can remember I’ve always loved stories.

As a child, I was forever creating my own fairy tales and as I grew older, I was always fascinated and intrigued by the story behind an object, a person or a place. This streak of creativity and an innate curiosity have continued to feature strongly throughout my life.

They led me to study History of Art in Paris. Fascinated by artistic talent and how people chose to express it, I would spend my days trying to unlock the story behind a sculpture, a painting or an artist.

In 2001, I moved to London and for over 15 years worked with a series of entrepreneurial SMEs in the Arts and Creative Industries. My roles were varied – ranging from product-design through to setting up whole exhibitions. Yet looking back there was a consistent thread: in each role I would gain a deep understanding of the organisation before developing new systems and processes to unleash their potential.

It is in coaching that my curiosity, creativity and desire to help others truly overlap.
I got my first taste of coaching in 2012 and saw first-hand how it helped me to understand my own potential and equipped me to take the first steps I needed to set my life on a new course. When my career later reached a crossroads, I realised that starting a new career in coaching was a natural development.

I trained with The Coaching School in London, where I developed my skills and mastered a wide array of tools and resources that I still use with a diverse set of clients. Whether it is within my own practice or with CoachingPartner, my passion is working on identity with young people, teams, entrepreneurs or anyone wanting to set the core foundation for their professional or personal lives. I thrive on helping them unlock their own stories and empowering them to pen their next chapters.

Other things I’ve done

• I’ve studied History of Art ( Master on Contemporary British Sculpture and in particular the work of Antony Gormley) and worked for the Art & Creative Industry in France and the UK from cultural management to gallery administrator

• I’ve worked as a reflexologist

• I’ve designed jewellery

Facts about me

Fact # 1

In my 16 years in London, I have lived in more than 12 different locations

Fact # 2

I did a tandem sky dive at 10,000 feet

Likes / Dislikes


Dark chocolate

Art & Cinema


Horror movies

Change of plans/Disruption/Complication