Heidi Sellevold

Heidi Sellevold

I am a gold miner. I work to make your gold visible for yourself and for the world.

I am a certified professional coach (CPCC), educated at the acknowledged Coaches Institute (CTI), which is approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). In addition, I’m a Master of Media and Communication. Psychology and Religion Science are also included in my University degree. I have more than 10 years of professional experience – as a coach, and from the Office for Contemporary Art, Norway, the newspaper Ny Tid, and from the publishing house Akademika.

As a coach, I use established coaching methods and tools, developed by CTI over 20 years. The relationship between me as a coach and my clients is built on trust. We work together as equal partners in a process, designed meet the customers’ needs. The clients are their own experts. I ask good, open questions, rather than giving instructions and advice. I listen between the words, and use techniques to support the clients becoming aware of their drivers, values and goals. I work to let the clients truly know and accept themselves, and to find the strength to make good conscious choices, based on their own values – not self-imposed limitations or the expectations of others. Together, we develop structures that release action and enthusiasm. As a coach, I am a partner through change, offering a neutral view, supporting the client in finding new perspective, and to hold the focus over time. I am committed to supporting people to  using their whole potential!

My services

I offer one-to-one coaching – both within companies and to private clients. I have specialized in coaching creative people and leaders. Please contact me for a free sample session.

Company Identity Coaching:

My colleague Catherine Lecloux and I work together with companies and teams to develop and clarify their identity platform. Through a series of tailor made workshops, we support the group in finding an identity-based strategy. “How do you and your and your company stand out? What makes you attractive? How will you express this?” are fundamental questions in this process.

My colleague Anders Hov, and I offer workshops and talks about The Art of Listening. Here we showcase the large potential of active listening for sale, leadership and for our private life.   By listening actively and authentically to your customer, you create basic trust. This enables your customer to discover the essence of his/her needs, which makes it possible for you to offer the solution your customer really needs.