Catherine Jeyaratnam

Catherine Jeyaratnam

I would describe myself as multi-cultural. I was born in Asia and grew up in France until the age of 16. I then spent my adult life in London and also lived in Cape Town for nearly a year. I love travelling, discovering new cultures and meeting people from different backgrounds. Understanding people and what makes them tick really fascinates me. My need to understand people comes from my passion with helping people. I believe that when you truly understand someone you can really help them achieve what they want in the best possible way. Helping people comes in many forms and coaching is one of them. When I discovered coaching I knew that I had finally found a career that was in alignment with who I was and my passion with helping people.

After a BA (hons) in Accounting and Finance I had spent 16 years working in Finance, in various industries ranging from publishing to media, hospitality, interiors and technology, before I made the decision to transition into coaching. I knew that I had come to a point in my life where I had to do something more fulfilling, I needed something that had real meaning and purpose. For me Life Coaching brought that meaning and purpose together, allowed me to follow my passion and find the fulfillment that was missing in my life and so I embarked on my journey to become a coach.

As far as I can remember I have always seen potential in people, I am driven by watching them succeed and love to see them reach their goals. I am passionate about helping people live a better, happier and fulfilling life whether personally or professionally.

I feel that coaching can be very powerful in creating change and I am committed to bringing clarity and balance to achieve this. I believe that everyone has huge potential and I feel privileged to be able to help and support individuals tap into their unique power to bring out the best in them. I aim to provide a safe space to enable people to explore who they really are and be true to themselves. I work from a place of empathy and care, listen from the heart and use my intuition to support my clients.