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Grow Your Business: Start With You – Understand your strengths
Jul 19 @ 6:30 pm


Are you trying your best and still not getting results?

Is your focus in alignment with what you desire?

Do you feel that something is holding you back?

Grow Your Business: Start With You is a four-part professional development programme for leaders and entrepreneurs, run by Coachingpartner.

At Coachingpartner we believe that the key to achieving your goals is by first working on yourself. Starting with understanding your uniqueness, making decisions in alignment with who you are and tapping into your full potential will lead you to take the next step, move you closer to your goals and reach your objectives.

During the four sessions, which will take place over six months, you will have an opportunity to develop yourself, making yourself the entrepreneur, leader or manager that you have the potential to be. Using Coachingpartner’s identity model and a series of powerful and practical tools, techniques and theories, you will leave the programme more confident in your skills and abilities, and with a series of practical steps to grow your business and improve your performance.

These sessions will be highly interactive where learnings will be co-created in the group. You will be given the opportunity to test and experience the tools presented by working in pairs or participating in groups.


Part 2: Understand your strengths

We live in a world where we spend an awful lot of time fixing our shortcomings and too often our natural talents go untapped. Research show that people have more potential for growth when they invest energy in developing their strengths rather than improving their weaknesses so in this session we will help you tap into your uniqueness by focussing on a strengths-based approach to learning, development and leadership.

During the session we will be looking at:

  • Gaining greater perspective on your strengths & talents – what makes you uniquely suited to do your work
  • Understanding your passions – what can you do to get yourself in the flow and make the most of your unique talents
  • Exploring the barriers limiting the use of your strengths and the frustrations associated with this
  • Understanding if your strengths, talents and passions are in alignment with your environment in order to optimise your full potential

This work has helped leaders:

  • Gain confidence in themselves personally and professionally
  • Apply themselves better in their work and life
  • Work more effectively
  • Feel more fulfilled in their work and life

This seminar is for:

  • Ambitious leaders who are ready to challenge themselves
  • Entrepreneurs who want to push boundaries
  • Open minded leaders who are willing to think outside the box

Following the seminar, our coaches will be available for guidance and support. They can help you apply and put into practice what you have learned and support you in taking the next steps towards your goal, should you wish to pursue your development.

We highly recommend that you join our next session, part 3 of our 4 part programme, in September which focuses on uncovering limiting beliefs and internal barriers to growth. This will give you the opportunity to continue your development.

This workshop is facilitated by Robbie Swale and Vegard Olsen.

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The workshop is set up in cooperation with Impact HUB Westminster.


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Welcome to a game changing seminar!


FREE SEMINAR: 3 Steps to Improve Your Team Management
Nov 15 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm


Do you feel there is big potential in your team that could be used better?

Do you feel your team is working as individuals in a group rather than a well functioning team?

Experienced team coaches from Coachingpartner share experiences from helping teams and groups activate their full potential.

Throughout the seminar we share a 3 step model to help you strengthen your team!
You will be given the opportunity to test and experience this tool in practice by working in pairs and participating in group discussions.

This is a highly interactive seminar where learnings are co-created in the group.
No specific pre-knowledge required to attend. We welcome everyone´s opinions and experiences as part of this very dynamic setting.

This seminar is for:
– team leaders and leaders in startups, small and medium sized companies
– entrepreneurs who aspire to build a high performing team
– entrepreneurs who cooperate closely with other companies and work in groups or teams


Vegard and Robbie will be leading this seminar


Engaged group at our leadership seminar in June

What you will get out of this seminar:
1) New perspectives to your role as a team leader

How to facilitate openness, engagement and stronger motivation in your team
2) Team mapping tool that helps you activate your team´s full potential
Get an overview of your team´s resources and how to use these better

What happens after the seminar?
The 3 step team development model will help you get an overview of your team´s resources and how to strengthen your team further.

If you want to further explore what´s going on in your team, we offer team management sessions as well as seminars and workshops.

What do previous participants say?

“Having attended the new team event by Coachingpartner, I realised the real importance of yourself as a leader and building your team. The lightbulb moment for me was when we discussed your own personal values and your team´s values, and the connection they both have along with their importance. It´s so easy just to plod along and we all know a good team matters, but we all should spend time understanding ourselves, our team and company ensuring they all align”.

Lawrence Turner – Active Online Marketing Groupe

“Coachingpartner were excellent and had some interesting concepts to reflect on both in relation to team building and communication in general. The main takeaways I had were, firstly- the importance of taking time to review and reflect team dynamics and secondly – the quality of listening. Actually focusing on what the person is saying and what they mean as we can all be guilty sometimes of second guessing people´s responses and not properly listening to someone’s answers, feedback etc”. 


John-Rhys Williams – ORB Management

“Thanks for a great seminar. I love your focus on building better teams and I really appreciated the mixed group attending the seminar. I now have a tool I can use with my team and I look forward to testing it out in practice. Thank you!”

Cesilie Bollingmo, Team leader TNS

Practical information:

This event is FREE. Coffee, tea and light refreshments served.

Doors open 9:30am with registration at the main reception of the building.
We will do a Q&A after the seminar, from 12 til 1215.

This event is organised in partnership with Impact Hub Westminster.
1st floor, 80 Haymarket, New Zealand House, LONDON SW1Y 4TE.


Warm welcome to an inspiring seminar!

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FREE SEMINAR: Explore your leadership style
Dec 12 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

lytting vinter

Warm welcome to our leadership seminar!

Where: Impact HUB Westminster, 80 Haymarket, New Zealand House 1st Floor, London SW1Y 4TE
When: Tuesday Feb 7th from 6:30 pm to 9pm (London time)
Others: This event is free. Drinks and light refreshments will be served before and after the seminar.

Explore your leadership style

What is leadership to you?
Who are you as a leader?
What are your intentions as a leader short- and long-term?

The more you understand your leadership identity the more you can use your full potential as a leader.

Intention is very powerful. Yet many leaders are unclear both regarding the company´s and their own personal goals.

In this seminar we share tools and techniques that help you explore your leadership style and get a better understanding of your intentions short- and long-term.

Who is this course for?

– founders and leaders in startups, small and medium sized companies
– freelancers eager to expand their current work and grow a sustainable business for the future

What will I get out of this course?

– Better understanding of your leadership style and how you can use more of your core skills, abilities and experiences in your current role.
– Better understanding of you short- and long-term intentions as leader.
– At the end of the seminar we will give you a tool to help you further explore your leadership style and intentions.

Who is facilitating this course?


Robbie is a career and leadership coach with experience in the public, private and charity sectors. Prior to working as a coach, he has worked for organisations as diverse as the Royal Opera House and the Food Standards Agency, and alongside his coaching practice he works for the internationally renowned Clore Leadership Programme.


Marie is a business and personal development coach and has worked with entrepreneurs and leaders of small organisations. Prior to working as a coach, she has worked for entrepreneurial SMEs in the arts and creative industry. Alongside her coaching practise she is working with Goodbody & Co. Ltd helping them to implement the foundation of their growing business and understand their brand identity.

Seminar plan

6:30: Welcome drinks and introuctions
7:00: Seminar starts
8:45: questions, reflections and drinks
Event finishes at 9 pm


This event is co-hosted with


Warm welcome to our course!

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