Britt Bjørgård

Britt Bjørgård

Britt has over 11 years experience as a professional coach, consultant, workshop leader and speaker.

She is an ICF (International Coach Federation) certified coach at PCC (Professional Certified Coach) level with over 2500 hours coaching practice from coaching both individuals, teams and groups.

Her focus areas are leadership development, improving personal capacities and skills in addition to deepening peoples understanding of self, how they relate to each other, communicate, co-create and cooperate.

In her previous career, she has over 22 years experience from mid management, HR management, CEO in small companies, sales and marketing.

Representative Client Engagements:

• Coach training for School leaders and teachers, HR consultants in banking, and leaders in a union for communicating and media. Teaching and training core coaching philosophy, attitude and skills.

• Vision, goal and strategy work with leadership groups in addition to creating a positive interpersonal platform.

• Workshops and coaching of leadership groups and teams. Improving culture of how they relate to each other, cooperate and communicate. The main result was better performance, understanding the value of diversity and utilizing competence.