Grow Your Business: Start With You – Understand your strengths

By Vegard Olsen

July 19, 2017 @ 6:30 pm
1st Floor New Zealand House
80 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4TE
United Kingdom
£ 5
Vegard Olsen



We live in a world where we spend an awful lot of time fixing our shortcomings and too often our natural talents go untapped. Research shows that people have more potential for growth when they invest energy in developing their strengths rather than improving their weaknesses. In this session we will help you tap into your uniqueness by focussing on a strengths-based approach to learning, development and leadership.

During the session we will be looking at gaining greater perspective on your strengths & talents – what makes you uniquely suited to do your work!

This work has helped leaders:

  • Gain confidence in themselves personally and professionally
  • Apply themselves better in their work and life
  • Work more effectively and achieve more
  • Feel more fulfilled in their work and life

Following the seminar, our coaches will be available for guidance and support. They can help you apply and put into practice what you have learned and support you in taking the next steps towards your goal, should you wish to pursue your development.

We highly recommend that you join our next session, part 3 of our 4 part programme, in September which focuses on uncovering limiting beliefs and internal barriers to growth. This will give you the opportunity to continue your development.

About Grow Your Business: Start With You

Grow Your Business: Start With You is a four-part professional development programme for leaders and entrepreneurs, run by Coachingpartner.

At Coachingpartner we believe that the key to achieving your goals is by first working on yourself. Starting with understanding your uniqueness, then tapping into your full potential and making decisions in alignment with who you are, will lead you to take the next step, move you closer to your goals and reach your objectives.

During the four sessions, which will take place over six months, you will have an opportunity to develop yourself, making yourself the entrepreneur, leader or manager that you have the potential to be. Using Coachingpartner’s identity model and a series of powerful and practical tools, techniques and theories, you will leave the programme more confident in your skills and abilities, and with a series of practical steps to grow your business and improve your performance.

These sessions will be highly interactive where learnings will be co-created in the group. You will be given the opportunity to test and experience the tools presented by working in pairs or participating in groups.

Please note that you do not have to have attended previous Grow Your Business: Start With You workshops to attend this seminar. 

What previous participants say

75% of participants rate our seminars as excellent or very good
*based on 4 seminars feedback surveys

This is how previous participants describe our events:
Thought provoking, non conventional, lovely atmosphere, supporting environment, space to think, great exercises that creates personal insights, relaxed, friendly, engaging, flexible, open, interactive, nicely organised.

And here is one of them in picture and words:

“I have taken two seminars with Coachingpartner and was impressed with both. Theory leads directly into very tangible and actionable methods that I can implement in my daily interactions immediately. This is due to the interactive nature of the workshops, that let you experience the benefits of changing your approach to leadership or teamwork immediately. Needless to say that both workshops have been invaluable to me and I approach certain tasks differently now. I can only recommend you try it too!”

Viola Träm

Practical info:
– Doors open 6:30pm
– Seminar starts at 7pm
– Adress: HUB Westminster, New Zealand House 1st floor, 80 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4TE
– Sign in: Designated sign in area next to the main reception
– Light refreshments: Drinks and snacks
– Please note that you do not have to have attended previous Grow Your Business: Start With You workshops to attend this seminar.

This workshop is facilitated by Robbie Swale and Vegard Olsen.

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The workshop is set up in cooperation with Impact HUB Westminster.


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